Seasonal Skin Allergies? You Bet.

The shorter days and longer nights of late November can mean more than a drop in mood. Here at the spa, I often see clients at this time of year suffering from increased redness, rash, or dryness on their faces. Sound like a reaction to that drier indoor air? Perhaps – but surprisingly often, it’s not humidity that’s causing the problem, but skin allergies.

During the warmer months, sun is everywhere – both indoors and out. All that ultra-violet light does more than grow great vegetables. It also naturally purifies and disinfects your skin, as well as the air around you.

When winter starts to settle in, the absence of ultraviolet light can lead your skin to become more sensitive to products that don’t normally bother it during the summer. There are any number of potential culprits, from your makeup or moisturizer to the laundry detergent you use for your pillowcase.

Signs that you might be suffering from a skin allergy include a slight face rash, dryness and redness. Watch for it on your chin or around your eyebrows, two areas that tend to react first to allergies.

Unlike with dry skin, increasing moisture won’t eliminate the redness of a skin allergy. It can be difficult to determine exactly what’s causing the trouble, which is why I recommend opting for soothing, calming products designed for sensitive skin as long as it persists. Try switching to a gentle, fragrance-free laundry detergent.

High frequency treatments can also help heal and sooth allergic skin. At the spa, we’re able to target problem areas with high frequency electrical current. This safe, effective, simple procedure disinfects, heals, and calms your skin. The current eliminates toxins and bacteria while triggering an increase in blood circulation. Think of it as a way to get all the benefits of healthy sun exposure without the risks of discoloration.

Late November also brings the start of the winter holidays, a time when you’re sure to want to look your best! That makes skin allergy flare-ups even more inconvenient. To get back to your best, try the tips above or contact the spa. We’re always happy to provide a free personal consultation.

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Gennie Grady