Gennie Grady – Professional Esthetician

As an esthetician, Gennie Grady is a true pioneer.

Over 38 years, Gennie has worked in countless capacities in the field, from five years on prestigious Newbury Street in Boston to quite literally writing the book on the subject - a volume that became the textbook for the first accredited esthetics school in the United States.

When Gennie began her training in the 1970s, there were no programs for teaching estheticians in the United States, leading her to travel to Canada. She brought the skills she learned there back with her, playing a key role in the growth of the field. She has personally trained estheticians who went on to become leaders and educators in their discipline, and was instrumental in changing the law to distinguish estheticians from hair dressers and barbers.

"I have been going to Gennie for the last 10 years and she was hands-on from the first meeting... Gennie is an expert in skin and helping her clients achieve great skin. I would recommend anyone with problem skin go see her and witness it for yourself!" - Jennifer

Gennie continues to be one of the most highly respected estheticians in the nation.

At Gennie Grady Facial Spa, Gennie has earned the trust of an intensely loyal clientele. Her team of expert skincare professionals have years of experience, and Gennie personally sees that they are kept up-to-date on the latest findings in skin science. She also works personally with chemists and manufacturers to develop her line of Gennie Grady skin care products, which are specifically formulated to treat a variety of skin types and conditions.